A new light to your design

Ultrasonic welding technology

Starlight is the first T closure with components assembled using ultrasonic welding. No adhesives are used to bond the head and leg. As a result, it is much more solid. 

Completely customizable

Create the customization that better matches your product personality. 

Starlight can be personalized in every detail. The head, the ring and the leg can have an array of colors, transparencies, and medallions that allow you to obtain a lot of combinations.

Colors customizations

Rings customizations

Medallion colors


The pluses of Starlight

Ultrasonic assembly

No glue

Secure hold no breakage risk

Refined appearance

Transparent and metallic colours

Customized printing

Neos technology

Starlight is compatible with NEOS by Tapì, an innovative technology that reduces  a product’s carbon footprint by adopting polymers from renewable sources like vegetables, biomass sources, fermentation products and others.

The advantages of NEOS technology

  • It reduces a product’s carbon footprint and impact
  • It promotes the use of raw a from renewable sources on all levels, encouraging the search for innovative product design and development methods.
  • Product performance remains unaltered as does its appearance, affecting only the origin of the raw materials and not the quality.

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