Starlight Tapì - The designer glue free cork completely customizable
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Innovation – a secure seal

Ultrasound Technology without the use of glue for a risk-free seal.

Starlight was designed to guarantee a secure watertight seal of the liquid to be contained, without risk of breakage or detachment. Assembled using an innovative ultrasound soldering technique without the use of glue, this product is fitted with a ferrule located below the head, providing an even stronger guarantee of the fixing of the parts, thereby preventing the product from breaking apart or splitting during use.

Design – structure

The structure of the Starlight seal.

Design – structure

The structure of the Starlight seal.

Design – maximum customizability

Shiny, unique colours and shades.

Starlight is customizable in every aspect. The head and ferrule below can be constructed either in transparent or full colours, creating a vast choice of colour and shade combinations. The stem can also be customized in any colour. There is also the option of having both the head and stem printed with a customized motif, such as a logo or coloured writing.

Plus – Features

The main features of Starlight.

No glue

Ultrasound assembly

Secure hold – no breakage risk

Refined appearance

Transparent and metallic colours

Customized printing

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